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Sage, The One-Legged Woodpecker

Author :

Bret Bennett & Laurie Bennett

Publishing year


Sage, The One-Legged Woodpecker is a rhyming story about a bird that was born with one leg. She had been abandoned in her nest and never learned to fly. We follow her as she overcomes her fears, weathers a storm (we all have storms in our lives), meets a diverse mix of new friends, works together with her friends to solve problems, and teaches us an important lesson about life.

This book teaches children about friendship, diversity, helping others, overcoming physical challenges, overcoming fear, taking action, not giving up, and weathering life's storms.

When Sage's warm cactus nest falls to the ground in a storm, she is left all alone and does not know how to fly. She meets some wonderful new friends, all with challenges of their own. Can they help her learn to fly? And what happens when Sage meets a real rattlesnake face to face?

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