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Super Q: The Quarantine Kid

Author :

Daniela Quintana

Agency :

Bear With US Productions

Publishing year


"Super Q: The Quarantine Kid" is a fun book by Daniela Quintana that was written to teach children the importance of sticking to the safety measures that help keep covid at bay. Life doesn't have to stop! By listening to Super Q, children will learn that they can still travel and play outside safely.
Jaina wants to go to the park to play with her friend Jack. But she knows that the sneaky and extra clingy supervillain Covid is out there waiting! Whatever can she do? Right on time (as all superheroes are), appears the incredible superhero Super Q, the Quarantine Kid!
Super Q teaches Jaina how important it is to wash your hands, wear your mask and keep your distance. That way, the supervillain Covid will stay away! With the help of Super Q, Jaina learns how to travel by bus, how to meet with family and even how to play while staying safe. With these important skills, Jaina can be a superhero herself to help fight off the evil Covid!

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